Plum FAQ & Feedback

  1. Applicant Questions 

    1. How Can I See My Plum Scores?
    2. Can I see who has visited my profile?
    3. Forgot Your Password?
    4. How do I make my profile public?
    5. Can't view my profile
  2. During The Assessment  

    1. How can I do my best on the assessment?
    2. Can I take the assessment again?
    3. How do I answer the assessment questions?
    4. I cannot move to the next question.
    5. What if none of the personality items are like me?
  3. Personality Definitions 

    1. What is personality?
    2. Define Problem Solving...
    3. Define Conscientiousness...
    4. Define Stress Tolerance...
    5. Define Openness to Experience...
  4. Plum People - Scores Reviewed 

    1. How do I take candidates off my shortlist
    2. I've a candidate that has taken the Plum assessment already
    3. How Do I Change My Match Criteria?
    4. What can an Administrator do compared to a Hiring Manager?
  5. Random Questions 

    1. What if Plum recommends a candidate, but I don't like the person?
    2. Can a 'not-so-bright' person do really well (by fluke)? Can a bright person do poorly?
    3. What does it mean to have "top 5%" or "top 15%" in a Plum Talent?
    4. How do I know if i have successfully applied to a position?
    5. How do I set/change my default email program?
  6. Why Plum? 

    1. Is Plum Fact Based?
    2. What Language is Plum available in?
    3. How Does Plum Prevent Applicants From Providing Favorable Or Unfavorable Reports?
    4. Can People Cheat Plum?
    5. "When new hires fail, 89% of the time it's for attitudinal reasons."
  7. Getting started  

    1. How Do I Add/Change My Logo In The Application?
    2. Does Plum integrate with the other recruiting systems?
  8. Scores - Basic 

    1. What Do The Scores Mean?
    2. How much do Plum scores change over time?
    3. What is Stress Tolerance?
    4. Is it possible to get high scores in all personality categories?
    5. What scores am I looking for?
  9. All articles 

    1. Is Plum Fact Based?
    2. What Do The Scores Mean?
    3. How Can I See My Plum Scores?
    4. What if Plum recommends a candidate, but I don't like the person?
    5. What is personality?
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