Define Stability…

Stability is the extent someone is calm under pressure, even-tempered, and resistant to the effects of stress and unexpected changes. It is the degree to which someone is calm, steady and composed.

In terms of workplace behavior, Stability is disposition/likelihood/enjoyment for:
  • Operating effectively in constantly stressful situations.
  • Continuing to produce work without error when under the stress of multiple or conflicting demands.
  • Remaining objective and impartial when in the midst of conflict situations.
  • Maintaining a pleasant and helpful demeanor in difficult work situations.
  • Remaining calm and level-headed in difficult or stressful work situations.
  • Remaining calm when questioned, criticized, or confronted.
  • Managing difficult or emotional customer situations.
  • Maintaining composure and grace under pressure.
  • Making quick and effective decisions under stress.
Stability is one of the dominant aspects of Stress Tolerance in the five-factor model of personality - the other dominant aspect is Self-Regard.

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