Define Assertiveness…

Assertiveness is the extent that someone voices their opinions forcefully and is comfortable being the center of attention and giving direction to other employees. It is the degree to which someone is influential, persuasive, and self-confident.

In terms of workplace behavior, Assertiveness is disposition/likelihood/enjoyment for:

  • Making decisions and directing other’s actions when needed.
  • Motivating and managing workgroups towards goal attainment.
  • Inspiring others to work hard or extend themselves.
  • Leading work group activities through exercise of power and authority.
  • Using persuasive tactics to sway the thinking and behavior of co-workers who initially disagree.
  • Delegating to others the authority to get something done.
  • Demonstrating to others complicated tasks or procedures; explaining why it is done as it is.
  • Looking for and taking advantage of opportunities at work.
  • Expressing their own beliefs and opinions even if they are likely to be disagreeable.
  • Seeking to be the driving force or coordinator of work projects.

Assertiveness is one of the dominant aspects of Extroversion in the five-factor model of personality - the other dominant aspect is Enthusiasm.

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