Define Openness to Experience...

The personality factor that reflects the amount someone prefers novelty/variety over routine, tends toward being intellectually curious and imaginative, and is tolerant of unconventional beliefs and feelings. Openness to Experience has these facets: Intellectance, Flexibility, Imagination and Curiosity. 

Plum measures two dominate aspects of Openness to ExperienceIntellectual Disposition and Experiential Disposition

Statements on the Spectrum of Openness to Experience:

High Openness to Experience

  • I have a vivid imagination. 
  • I have excellent ideas. 
  • I am quick to understand things. 
  • I spend time reflecting on things. 
Low Openness to Experience
  • I am not interested in abstractions. 
  • I do not have a good imagination. 
  • I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.

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