What questions are asked on the Plum survey?


There are only four types of questions:

1. Problem solving questions require you to select (click) one option before you can move on to the next question. 

2. Personality questions require you to select (click) ONE option that is most like you and ONE that is least like you, which leaves a third that is neutral.  What if none of the personality items are like me?

3. Adjective questions require you to select (click) 3 words that are most like you and 3 words that are least like you, which leaves four words that are neutral. 

4. Social intelligence questions require you to select (click) one option that you believe is most effective and one options that you believe is least effective.

The responses are not timed. We encourage you to drink a glass of water, get comfortable, and take the survey to the best of your ability. 

Felix, Customer Success Manager, Plum
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