What should I do with "in-progress" applicants?


Applicants who are "in-progress" are those applicants who have not completed their assessment but have progressed beyond the very first application page where they can submit their cover letter and resume. They may have only spent 30 seconds at this point in the application process.

At 24 hours and 48 hours we do send reminder emails encouraging these applicants to login and complete their assessment. However, there are some applicants who choose not to complete the assessment or realize they do not want the job after looking into the job further. The good news is that you have the documents of those individuals since once they complete their first application page they have already submitted their resume and cover letter.

Options for the employer:
  1. Assume the candidates are no longer interested in the position and don't be bothered with it. Normally about 5-10% of applicants do not complete the Plum assessment and remain "in-progress." In the research we conducted we have found that this is normally due to a low interest in the job in the first place and that they simply wanted to apply to many jobs and quickly upload their resume to as many jobs as possible.
  2. Follow up with the candidates individually and send them the login link to encourage them to complete. You could also follow up via phone or other method using information they left on their resume.
I hope that helps!

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