I've a candidate that has taken the Plum assessment already

What if a candidate says they already have a Plum profile?

You'll want to be able to view the results in your employer dashboard and see their assessment results compared against your match criteria.

If an applicant says they already have a Plum profile they'll need to click the top of the applicant page that you share with applicants (the specific link for the position you are hiring for) and click "Already Have A Plum Account? Click here". There's a template email to use below. Going through that account link will allow the applicant to attach a custom resume and cover letter for the role they are applying to. Some applicants assume that their Plum profile will automatically transfer from one company to another, but we actually follow an "opt-in" model to ensure the applicant's information is shared only with companies of the their choice.

Email template to applicant:

Thank you for your interest in our position. Since you already have a Plum profile to apply to our job you need to resubmit that profile to our application page. Please click the link at the top of our application page here: ****insert Plum position bit.ly link here****** At the top of this application you'll see "Already Have A Plum Profile? Click this link". You will be asked to upload your relevant documents as well for this job (cover letter and resume).

That's all you'll need to do to apply to this job! Your Plum profile is like your fingerprint that is unique to you. By sharing that fingerprint with us we get to see if you have a high likelihood to match to the specific traits and competencies that we are looking for in the role.

We will contact you concerning any potential next steps.


Contact your Success Manager if you have more questions.

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