What can an Administrator do compared to a Hiring Manager?

There are three levels of access in the Plum system:
  1. Administrator (admin)
  2. Hiring Manager
  3. Top Performer
The Admin has the most privileges: most notably being the ability to create a new position. If there's more than one administrator (on a Pro or Entreprise account), the Admin level only has access to the positions that they themselves have created or any positions that they've been added to as a hiring manager. This means that by default we have no such thing as a "Super-Admin" who oversees everything. This is because sometimes the two admins shouldn't have access to each other's positions from a HR perspective.

The Hiring Manager 
is a person (or people) that you want to be able to monitor the job and view applicant's profiles and resumes, etc. Hiring managers can manage the applicant pipeline and can take the Match Criteria Survey.

The Top Performer is someone who can speak into what the role needs, without viewing the people who have applied to the role. It is usually an employee that you find excels in the same or similar job that you are hiring for. It is best to gather the opinions of those that know the duties and expectations of the job as it gives the Plum system a more accurate picture of what your unique job requires. Adding someone as a top performer only gives them the ability to take the Match Criteria Survey for the job. They will not be able to see any applicants or manage any area of the job.  

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